Versatility vs Quality

Today should be bringing me a new audio recorder, Ive had a Sony PCM-D50 for nearly 5 years and Ive loved it, its been my ear-camera for some of the best sonic moments in the last 5 years but I woke up last week and realized that I needed to have a machine which despite not being as good a recorder, would be more versatile. The Roland R-26 should fulfill my needs adequately XLR is an ancient professional connector type, which is oversized big clunky and has no finesse but it is what it is and most professional grade microphones connect using it, so I got the best all around recorder to match my needs and have that connector versatility. 
The Sony was exquisite for battery life, a set of four AA Lithium cells would last me about 8 months of recording for 45 minutes recording a week. …now that I think of it, I guess 45 minutes per week is not a lot of recording, but its a lot of editing time, something that I never really did actually, I never really sat down and edited or tweaked my recordings primarily because I didnt know how, or I always seemed to like what I got from the recorder enough to not bother cleaning it up. 
For my trip to India I intend to use this recorder to make very specific audio documents of the place, the sounds and the experiences, which means Ill have to have a dedicated bag of some kind, that will hold one camera and the recorder that will never leave my side. 
Its important as a documentarist that you have your tools for the job, handy, at all times, and if you dont have them with you and you are caught, then you have to have a backup plan. Being caught with your ‘pants down’ is not an excuse. We have iPhones and iPods and other smart devices with are more than capable of doing pretty damn good jobs at making a piece happen. 
There are softwares for your smart devices, though not cheap, they are cheaper then buying a dedicated recorder if you already own a smart device (even if you have to buy one);

There are other resources out there but thats enough for now.

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