its a belief that sharing knowledge and skill via the simplest of means overcome any language barrier is the key to a genuinely better existence

its a concept of empowerment through inspiration and guidance

its a way of being all of the above but in your own

Streetshooter is a bright new concept co-op for social documentary operatives globally to converge and promote their work within the community for inspiration and advice. The group has no affiliations, no sponsors and no profit, it exists solely for the benefit of its members for the dissemination of ideas, inspiration and brainstorming.

Streetshooter is a socially based community group focussing on showcasing the work of a global database of social documentary and street photographers whose work until now has had no formal and cohesive platform.
This is a rapidly growing community of like-minded intellectual media producers who have a vision on social subject matter, projects and personal insights and other open-ended as yet, not currently recognized facets of personal expression within the realm of story telling.

I conceptualized this group and am building it across multiple already existing social media platforms, plus this website. I administer the group in the main, and am building a shared moderation and creative input with select members based on experience and their own grasp and cohesion within a practical understanding of their role in the work they produce.


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